About Us

Be My Mentor (BMM) is a platform that bring together mentors and their mentees. It gives room to members with or without request from mentees write or post on the platform their story of the success in life or how to succeed in one venture or the other.

In the same vein, people (mentees) who have specific requests on how to go about a certain venture in divers area can place it on the platform and they will be attended to by mentors with knowledge and experience in such areas.

Our Mission

Every individual was born with a dream and the desire to fulfill it, but some don’t know how to go about it, many of such individuals went to their graves without fulfilling their dream because they were not fortunate to meet with their destiny helpers.

In the same way there are individuals with vast knowledge and experience who desire to mentor others but are not given the platform to do so, Be My Mentor (BMM) is the platform that does not just give you the opportunity but will showcase you to the world at large.

Our Objectives

Our ultimate objectives is to turn millions of our idle youths in the society into a productive workforce in other to have a crime free society.